Barbara Galvács Narratives

Mobile photography

How handy that your camera is always with you and these days some of the mobiles offer amazing quality photographs! Yes, the latest can handle even to be printed good, up to a certain size. How unhandy that your camera is built into your telephone, so you cannot photograph when you telephone or browse or chat around. Well, how can you do these at the same time anyway, right? Just like riding your car, bycicle or horse.

Great option to photograph just at any time you wanted, even when your party bag is smaller than anything more fitting in than your mobile telephone. OK, maybe your bankcard. Cool! In the same time, the options are way more endless than you'd think when using the trendy apps making your meal photograph just as eating it in a restaurant in the 70's instead of in 2014. 

There are way more fun out there to enjoy in case you are curious to know more. Have you tried your advanced camera in Manual mode at all?