Barbara Galvács Narratives

Human capital photo project

Would you want to make a difference in the current human capital situation in Europe?

With years of economics and people management activity behind me, studying photography for the third year now, following my dreams, I initiate a project of making the current employment situation visible, by portraying people imagining being in their dream job.

In case you are interested in participating at my photography project, please email me your profession, age and contact details to my email address: barbar@galvacs.com, so that we can have a chat and make it happen. You can also connect me via the project's fb site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HCPP-Human-Capital-Photo-Project-Menselijk-Kapitaal-Fotoproject/757109901011844

Free communication channels are preferred: as email address, LinkedIn or FaceBook account, because this project is not supported financially at the moment. In case this situation changes, I update this page accordingly.