Barbara Galvács Narratives


This afternoon I have my very first exposition opening coming up. In Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I still do not believe it, but it is in deed really happening :)

The title is:          F E R T I L E   -   Endometriose in focus.

Upon the request and lovely support of the Endometriose Centrum and dr. Velja Mijatovic, and his Team at the Gynaecologie afdeling of the Vrij Universiteit medisch centrum Polikliniek. 

First time my work goes public, requested and supported by people who support the invisible thema's I depict. Women who are challenged by their femininity in an emotional, physical or socio-economical way. 

In this case it is the hormon sickness endometriose, that every 8th women on the globe faces. The emotional, physical and socio-economical challenges that today's women come across and therefore strengthen their feminine qualities. 

In the end we shall all stay close to ourselves and choose for focusing inside a bit. Then it does make us stronger, even stronger then we are at start! As it effects everyone around us too.