Barbara Galvács Narratives


One of the early Sunday mornings earlier this month I found myself sitting on a tram, travelling to Mirjam Heemskerk, to photograph a Placenta. I again got amazed by the wonder of the woman body and what we are capable of. The Placenta looks exactly like a tree. The tree that symbolizes Family for me and in many cultures. I experienced the vision of this Placenta as a fascinating possibility of being our Tree of Life, what first is getting built up cell by cell by our Mother's body in order to feed us as babies inside the womb. We would not be able to be born without it. It is an essential necessity for life. Also at the same time, we build our own body up from it, cell by cell. So in that way it also means our Tree of Possibilities, the Tree of Potentials to what we become inside the womb, and how we are born, which is also crucial for our whole life afterwards ahead of us. How incredibly fascinating is that!

This Placenta was grown by the Mother of Baby Abel, and was growing him all the way to a healthy birth. All his Family are very well.

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