Barbara Galvács Narratives

March is the month of Yellow

Yellow is the colour for march, every march.

Till the march somewhere in the future when 1 i n 1 0 w o m e n g l o b a l l y gets released of their demanding challenges! By miracle.

Some truly motivated and talented researcher group or a critical mess supporting the cause or most probably a great combination of all these is a more realistic future ahead.

The immune systems of these amazingly lovely and super strong ladies face the unjust disfunction of the mystical endocrine hormone system of their body. They fight it every day. E v e r y   d a y .

This emotional, physiological, psychological and socio-economical challenge has a highly matching, similarly weird name: endometriosis. Yes, that is it. Wait, I help you: end-o-me-tri-o-sis. It is way easier this way, right? :) 

This word is just as long, unfamiliar and unknown as the disfunction of the body that this word clusters. For the docs. They do everything for these ladies. They do. They invest. They put in their time and energy to advance these women. 1 in 10. To understand this ratio all cancer is 4 in 10.

As for the ladies it all starts with actually having an extra task after diagnosis: to get it all through for the people in their lives: at home, at work and in social circles.

The human body is capable of a lot, our body is a wonderful system we still understand only partially. The feminine body is where the life of all of us start. It is a valuable part of nature that shouts for respect. More then we practice today.

Scientific developments are fascinating. They help our lives so much. They do. Scientists do invest.

Do you?