Barbara Galvács Narratives


Light strikes through the sky that you see from your living room window, no way around it, no way to hide.

When hidden areas hit by light, when you realise that this is 'it'. The end of a road, of course also a new beginning, AND you still just seeing for what 'it' is. For the first time you face 'it', all the hopeless hoping, all the love to surface as you thought you were ready, ready for something else actually, not 'it'. You hoped for becoming a mother. 'It' in this case is the opposite.

Then another strikes again: actually, you are one anyway! You are actually one for years already. You became one during the whole challenging process of trying for it. You felt the love you would give and you tried to feel, see, hear and yeah, smell too :), the rest of 'it'. That 'it' was so very different from what you went through. But hey, you went through 'it'.

Then darkness and silence and distance from 'it' all. Again, another flash, BANG: you are through 'it' anyway, whatever 'it' was and great to see the light finally, to come to security again, confidence on what you see for what 'it' is.

Pure NATURE, that's what it is: it is complex and simple at the very same time, providing it's power, it's beauty, it's everything, it's you, itself.

WOW, I am truly amazed and got boosted on accepting, re-adjusting, re-planning, re-energising and reconnecting to the new, confident, innovative, curious, friendly and productive me. 

Glad to (re)connect again.

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