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Hu-Men: Dignity through Art

Sharing is caring - but do we want to care actually? Yes we do. We all do, originally. Do we need water, food and shelter as basic physical needs? Yes, we do, these are our strongest motives in life. Stronger then anything else. Are we also 'horse-blinded' by our bias? Yes, we are. We all are, naturally. When we say, imagine a person, that that person imagined will be just as we are. We do want to belong. We all do, strongly. To our families and friends and our land and to other connections throughout our lives. When these bonds are threatened or when the physical needs are not matched, then our emotions take over. Our Dignity gets challenged and it is then our choice how to proceed. That is the 'moment supreme' to fight or flight. Or simply breath normally.

HUMAN is also the title of a film by Yann Arthus - Bertrant, screened at Pakhuis de Zwijger last Wednesday night. It is a must to watch for everybody. The three hours long sitting on one go is easily balanced out by facing some much harder challenges and simple basic facts and real stories from real people around the world. Catch this beautiful film whilst and wherever you can, it is a real heart-opener.

Exhibition 'Beeldend Gesproken' / 'Visually spoken' is an exhibition that I curated and produced in order to raise awareness on Diversity and Inclusion, with the support of and in collaboration with the Human Resources Team @ Accenture Nederland headquarters on the Zuidas business district of Amsterdam. At the internal official opening we have received tremendous amount of strongly moved feedbacks that I am still digesting. Very proud and happy about how it all came together and how it effects the way people and employees think and feel about Diversity and Inclusion. There are photography and painting artworks on two floors of the ITO Toren at Gustav Mahlerplein 90 of artists: Brett Meredith, Menso van Reij, Rivelino M. Sellier, Pia Velden, Baukje Paltro and myself, in sub-themes: LGBT, Women, Cultural diversity, Handicapped (wajong and wia in NL). Thank you All at Accenture, Fotolab, Eyes on Media, Galerie Beldend Gesproken to make it all possible!


Exhibition 'facade' was a great experiment for me on curation. The historical building still has its original structure and fronts of the original home of one of the architects of Teylers Museum, heer Gemund. It is located half way between Frans Hals Museum and the Vishal, Grotekerk, Centre de Ville of Haarlem, all on walking distance. For such a location I have imagined and then realised a duo show of Diederick Habermehl and Monika Nooren. Both are highly talented fine art photographers, with amazing figurative and abstract works around switching dimensions of perceptions afront and behind the facade. The feedbacks from collectors, photographers and other artists and critics were all amazing. We were told that it is 'intriguing', 'coming together beautifully', 'engaging', 'connected stories in a very nice way', 'surprisingly matching and still different', 'what a friendly opening', 'kind and welcoming'. Thank you all who have visited and supported us on our journey!

A video comes here sooner or later.


PhotoQ Book Club of Edie Peters @ the Atelier of Morad Bouchakour - this time on Ville de Calais in the make by Henk Wildschut - WOW! This project is about DIGNITY in capital letters. Listening to his human stories truly speaks to your heart on this matter. How could we as human beings have come this far? Amazing photography and wonderful talks and dinner with the artist. Join us on the next one this coming saturday, 25 March: this time with Maurice Scheltens en Liesbeth Abbenes about their book 'Unfolded'. Book via this link: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-photoqs-book-club-scheltens-abbenes-unfolded-32391583097?aff=eiosprexshreclip&ref=eiosprexshreclip


Exhibition Rodin at Museum Groningen was a breath-taking inspirational tour, feeling the life and energy of the human body through his statues, popping out of each and every artwork. How uplifting!


Exhibition 'Vrouwelijkheid' 'Womenhood' is in its preparations from this month at VUmc, Vrij Universiteit Polikliniek, opening will be announced later on, expected to be around just before or just after the summer holidays.

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