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the first 'phlog' - how I see through a female perspective

Hi, welcome at my 'phlog', photography (b)log. We can also call it flog, as in for fotografie in Dutch, or fotografia in Hungarian. Which one do you prefer? Let me know here below what do you think, sense or feel?

Since my last output here 'a lot of water went down on the River (Danube)' as we say in my native. It is time to catch up, right?

Besides my photography and group exhibition projects on seeing through a female perspective - and to make the space for them - I have worked on switching my focus - and all my light system, haha - on what I can do and how to do that best - instead of what I cannot do.

Here on this platform I represent my findings through exploring and expressing my female perspective on topics that fascinate me most: dignity and on sub topics such as empowerment and social development like inclusion and how self care equals caring for all and how I find and manage the fine lines of borders when the situation demands me to.

Amongst other stories: How I cycled through the Ardennes - and six countries - this summer with a coffee mug, 2 books, 3 dresses and 4 kg of sausages, will be 'phlogged' here soon, too.

The aim is to generate discussion as well as to explore what are the possibilities here, the real ones I mean? What if at the end of the day we all felt similarly on so many of these topics just needed to be aware of it all? So that we feel more for ourselves and through this for each other, for real?

Especially amongst all the current heat on the globe..

Until next week,


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