Barbara Galvács Narratives



'Phlogging' - my photography blogging - about Dignity and Women is a tempting idea, which this time I attempt to keep up on a cyclical basis. I have been looking for this human amount of time that I can commit to, besides my life challenges and the projects I nurture. Next step is to create this 'online-offline life' balance. This cyclical attempt feels as human as it gets with online activities and definitely feminine in a way. Though I believe that men have their cycles and effected by them just as much, it only manifests itself absolutely differently emotionally, mentally and also physically. Now my intuition tells me that finalising the moment itself in cycle to match with the action of phlogging from idea to execution will be necessary to reach a regular frequency finally. See one of my new works from my instagram page:

A summary of the last few months is that it was mainly about making space for the projects started previously as well as shaping the projects themselves and on the go always fine tuning those creation processes. Foundations of such being maintaining health condition - for mine being chronically challenged - by cycling, by art, by connecting and photographing women's stories, and more: also by ahead of time planning & budgeting, structural archiving, colour management and photo editing, learning & development on curatorial and old photo printing practices, model and location management and scouting, project research, shoot moodboard making, photographing women, own marketing communication, exhibition project management, focusing always on the advancing of women through light & story sensitive photography & projects. A snapshot of my print I made at huis Marseille last weekend with expert Adriaan Heijboer:


End last year I was approached by Head of beautiful project called 'Vereeuwigd' [~'Keeping on'] about people who survived a life threatening situation and learnt something in the process to share with others in need of such wisdoms. I explored options for models in my circles for this project. It did not take long that I found my more than perfect project model. I photographed someone very special to me. She is an amazing person, Mother of a good friend, who is survivor of cancer, throat tumor, diabetes and winter depression. The photograph is to be seen together with the works of 23 other photographers for this project as the amazing Jitske Schols, Koos Breukel and Carla van de Puttelaar on a travelling exhibition, further detailed information is shortly to be announced. For now I can share ONLY A crop detail, of my work 'Gerda':

NEW works are constantly in the make, for example a character portret about racer of Alp d'huZes Marije Hopman, who cycles for cancer research KFW kanker. She signed up when suddenly out of the blue her Mother struggled with cancer late last year and sad enough she died of soon after. Shocking as this was, Marije attempts to keep herself to her plan and managed to collect thousands of euros for the good cause. I am touched to be able to capture her and her gear for this noble pedalling. The link to her project site is: https://www.opgevenisgeenoptie.nl/fundraisers/marijehopman/alpe. Go, Marije, go go go!        

In my organisation regular female group meetups are held to discuss their challenges in full freedom. We listen to each other, we share our feelings and connect through our stories. Such activity is 'misunderestimated'-ly valuable to do so. Imagine if photographers, women would do so. In my imagination this will become very natural in the near future. Fantasy is base of many developments, this might just become a reality sooner then we think? I am sure up for it!    

One of my few series 'Rest' - I mainly work with single images - that had been exposed at the Gyneacology section of Vrij Universiteit mc Amsterdam for quite a while, hopefully gives a piece of mind in this rushing day in age to You too: